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I have been working in the financial industry since 2008, in the banking and retail sector with a main focus on investment, risk assessment and lending, including business loans. One important factor for these is a good, solid business plan. Not only does a fantastic business plan help in getting a loan but it also steers a business in the right direction and periodic stock-taking enables the company to refocus on its actual goals. I provide assistance with any existing business plans to tweak them to improve your chances with the banks and for other stakeholders and also offer services to put together a full business plan to your instructions. 

 I love helping other people make their dreams come true and succeed in what they set to accomplish. To contact me and enquire in either partnering up with me in my business or in regards to getting a business plan taylored exactly to your needs or making improvements on an existing one or other coaching/assistance with your current venture, please go to the Contact page and fill in your details .